About Aspiring roots

Aspiring Roots is my way of putting all of the insights and lessons-learned on my journey with anxiety over the last year in one place. I’ve broken it down by the main pieces of my toolkit, ultimately aspiring to build and feed these core branches of roots: nourishing, self-loving, and healing. These recipes, links, and insights have helped feed a sense of well-being and steadiness within me, and I hope they resonate with you too and allow you to aspire with intention to lay down these roots in your own life.

Nourishing contains recipes that are true to the word’s truest meaning - dishes that I hope not only sustain you, but also better strengthen your body and fuel your personal growth.



Self-loving covers a broad range, but the idea tying it all together is that if it feels right to you - hold yourself to budgeting and setting aside time to support yourself in that way. The main branches of this section are searchable by category: body, sex, home.

Healing is the most personal section to my journey; as I balance sharing the insights, meditations, and other sources with my overall intention behind Aspiring Roots - so no one feels alone on their journey with their set of burdens, even if vastly different from my own, and that some of the roots I’ve fed to deal with my anxiety might be helpful for others.