A few more Mother’s Day cards


Why I hold this tradition & an opportunity for reflection (& writing):

As the only child of a wonderfully creative, kind, strong, and inspirational mother, I grew up loving the opportunity to put together homemade Mother's Day cards with elaborate (at the time, at least) acrostic poems. I also grew up often celebrating Mother's day with my parents and nested circles of the "sage hens" - 80+ horseback riding women in Central and Southern California. Their Mother's Day tradition of a family potluck followed by a week-long campout began decades ago so the women would not have to drive trailers and set up camp, but it has evolved into a celebration of motherhood and family, all those whose genes we share and those we choose as family on our journeys.

It gave me awareness at an early age there are many women who are left out of traditional Mother's day celebrations. Now, I also see the girls and women whose relationships with their own mothers might not fit the general thought of Mother's Day - to honor with love, excitement and happiness the person who brought you into the world. With all of this in mind, I've found the act of reflecting on my mentors, guides, and inner-spirit-sisters calms my body and helps me identify some of the hidden wind-beneath-my-wings on my journey.

Now, I try to use the 'Hallmark holiday' as a way to reflect on and share some love with the people who have helped “birth” my dreams, ideas, and best self on my journey.

"Be around the light bringers, the magic makers, the world shifters, the game shakers. They challenge you, break you open, uplift and expand you. They don't let you play small with your life. These heartbeats are your people. These people are your tribe." - Danielle Doby

Who makes my list? The people who have been professional, academic, and/or emotional guides (to start). Maybe I'm someone who cherishes many guides, but my list has evolved over the years just as my passions and journey have changed - and there are many with whom I've yet to share my reflections and gratitude. I invite you to take a chance to reflect on who would make your list for a few more Mother's Day cards, even the ones you design only for your inner guiding mental library.

Take a moment to reflect on what Mother's Day means to you and your journey, and perhaps dedicate some time for intentional reflection (if not writing) to make the holiday more personal - contemplate the "mothering" you truly receive and celebrate it fiercely.

"Strong women, may we know them. May we raise them. May we be them."


Who are the people in your own life who embody your vision of mothering? Try to put a pen to paper (even for yourself) to acknowledge those who nurture you, your dreams, and journey.


*original by Mari Andrew, but virtually "framed" by me 

Does this person propel/spark your dreams?

Do they help you to process and refuel in wise company?

Reflect on the way this person and the ways their thoughts, energy, and actions interweave with your own thoughts, feelings, and actions as you aspire on your journey.

Without even sharing any reflections, mindful thinking for any length of time often leaves me calmer, more inspired, and with greater perspective. For further inspiration, read some of my favorite poems in the spirit of motherhood from Rupi Kaur and Cleo Wade - and if you're anything like me, embrace the automatic osmosis of creativity and wisdom their words inspire (versions of my prints coming soon!). 

For further inspiration:

A Different Kind of Mother's Day, the Essie Group, and the National Bail Out Collective's Black Mama's Bail Out Day are some organizations working to celebrate Mother's Day with empathy - and I hope you find their work as heart- and mind-opening as I have.