Shiatsu home-massager


Personally, this Shiatsu Pillow Massager was my first self-love body massager purchase. I knew my body aches could be prevented from becoming debilitating if this heat-and-motion massager could  hit the right spots. Since using this on myself and eagerly sharing the link with friends, I’ve looked into the research behind why this home-massager seemed to offer such resonant healing for my body.

A cross-European study on the effects and experience of shiatsu gave my learned-experience a larger perspective on the science of this body work. In Japan, where it originated, shiatsu is recognized as officially as a paramedical practice and in Europe it has been widely practiced as complementary and alternative care since the 1970s. Overall from this study and others, shiatsu is widely effective for work on reducing muscle stiffness, stimulating the skin, aiding digestion, and calming the nervous system.

While this home-massager does not come with a fully trained Shiatsu healer, in my experience it can help in all of these ways and frankly for specific use for headaches, digestive issues, insomnia, and anxiety. My favorite part about using any of the home massage tools in my “toolkit” is their diverse ability to either stimulate or calm the brain and body depending on your intention. To hit a variety of trigger points (or meridians) with this massager, you end up incorporating some of the traditional elements of the practice: rotating and stretching of your limbs and joints. Here are some of the basic ways I position it:


Coming soon… trigger map and use recommendations.

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