Everyday WonderWoman Body Scrub


Sugar, Coconut, Vitamin E Shower Body Scrub

DIY heavenly coconut, lavender, and sugar body scrub - leaves you feeling like WonderWoman with waterproof, shield-like and quenched skin. Use everyday in the shower after body-wash and you won’t need lotion!

For the mix:

2 cups baker's or castor sugar (it is less abrassive)

5 drops Vitamin E oil with lavender (approximately 10 vitamin e capsules)

~ 5 squirts of lavender body oil (I use this blend of olive and lavender)

1 cup coconut oil

Most of the benefits of this in-shower scrub, come from the coconut oil and sugar - exfoliating dead skin softly while repairing your skin’s natural barrier and trapping in moisture. Plus, coconut oil is naturally antimicrobial, so it can help soothe rashes, speed your skin’s healing process, and kill off any surface bacteria you may have picked up during the day. Even with areas more prone to acne, the lauric acid in coconut oil (found in like-quantities only in breast milk) can reduce the risk of bacteria-worsening acne.

While you can make this luxurious scrub with just sugar and coconut oil, the vitamin E has become core to my recipe for its incredible role in softening and minimizing scars and helping heal blemishes and acne scars. Vitamin E might be one of those supplements you have in your cabinet, in which case try making a batch by popping any capsules as needed. If you’re committed to adding more Vitamin E more to your regimen, and curious about other body oils, I've listed my favorites here.

Overall, this scrub will make you want to spend those extra few minutes in the shower giving some self-love to your body’s largest organ, and may leave you feeling majestic and water-resistant post-shower. I use this every time I shower all winter in NYC and rarely have to put on lotion because my skin feels so quenched.

This recipe is great as a base for adapting with other scents or oils - the rough ratio is 2:1 for sugar to coconut oil. After many trials of vitamin E oil, I really recommend this one with french lavender because of its quality and light smell - however they do offer an unscented version as well if you plan on making scrubs with many smells. The real lavender scent of this scrub comes from the olive oil and lavender blend, which can be easily swapped for other scent and oil blends.